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Marc Giguere Talks Mobilizing Health Care Consumers

By July 7, 2017 No Comments

During the International Francophone Week for Health and Quality of Life at Work (SIF-SQVT), Marc Giguere, Vice-President of Business Development at Novus Health, spoke on how tointervene when an employee’s health is at risk. He invited employees to become better health care consumers by providing simple access to resources that mobilize them, and the wellbeing of their families. Some resources include: locating local health facilities, programs, and professionals, as well as learning how to make the most out of results.

Marc’s keynote speaking engagement with SIF-SQVT was in part due to Novus Health’s robust personalized health navigation platforms that help employees make informed health decisions.  Novus Health fosters the relationship between our health care system and employee needs, and understands the necessity of reliable information and quick services.

Throughout the talk, Marc drilled down on integrative health navigation in connection to Novus Health’s France born venture OPTIBE. OPTIBE provides the following services via technology, telephony, and face-to-face: health information navigation, evaluation questionnaires, risk mitigation techniques, advice and assistance with disorders, consultations, access to a directory of health professionals, mobile applications, secure health data storage, second medical opinion services, and Travel Navigator™ (health, emergency assistance, and duty of care while abroad).

SIF-SQVT is an annual conference hosted by the Levia Group in Canada and the AFNOR Group in France. The event provides an opportunity to build and share on health knowledge within organizations, and promote best practices in health and work-life balance. It is also a chance to showcase the latest ground-breaking tools and network with like-minded individuals in the industry.  Marc looks forward to maintaining the connections he has made at SIF-SQVT, and what it will offer next year.